A group of concerns citizens (some veterans and some non-veterans) have come together as a result of hearing and seeing a wide variety of challenges that Veterans face daily. Many of these challenges have been fulfilled by the United States Government or other organizations. However, there are a lot of Veterans’ needs that remain unfulfilled.

One evening while listening to a talk show about the Gulf War Veterans, a decision was made to do something about this ongoing problem. As a result of many meetings and organizational activities, the formation of the Yellow Ribbon Foundation became official, August of 2001.

Our mission is to help fulfill the unmet needs, (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Medical & Education), of Veterans who served in the United States Military. We are a registered and fully reporting 501 (C) (3) non profit charitable organization. From the beginning supporters took action with donations. The requests far exceeded the supply of funds so a decision was made in 2003 to re-think the organization in order to meet the demand for help. The results, we feel are dynamic.

We have a request center devoted solely to fulfill specific help requests. We redefined our donation center. In addition to direct donations, the Yellow Ribbon Foundation is one of the first premier non-profit organizations to offer a Visa® Prepaid Card to raise additional funds to help Veterans in need.

Our source of revenue is from private donations and those who support us by using the new Visa Prepaid Card as part of our fundraising program. Our goal is to distribute 90% of the funds received directly to those in need.

We invite you to become a supporter and welcome any ideas you may have to better serve our Veterans.