“The Air Force 1999 Posture Statement:

Comprised of the world's finest aerospace professionals, America's Air Force provides a flexible force that can quickly respond over long distances operating across the spectrum of peace and conflict, from combat to humanitarian relief.

Always a progressive service, the Air Force continues to innovate. With its Expeditionary Aerospace Force (EAF) initiative the Service is reorganizing its forces to provide better trained aerospace forces to US Commanders-in-Chief while adding predictability and stability to the lives of our airmen. Through innovative business practices, the Air Force is pushing quality up and costs down.

Today, the Air Force is preparing itself for the challenges of the 21st century. Our investments in airmen, infrastructure, and modernization will ensure the Service's ability to meet the needs of the United States in a dynamic national security environment.”

Signed by:

Michael E. Ryan, General, USAF Chief of Staff and F. Whitten Peters, Acting Secretary of The Air Force


The Air Force has consistantly been second only to The Army in its personnel strength levels. In 1950 The Air Force were 411,277 strong and in 2002 the number was reported to be 368,251. During the years of conflict 1951 - 1956 and 1966 - 1975, the number of personnel required was from 755,300 to as high as 983,261.