The Korean War 1950-1953

The Korean War began on June 25, 1950. Troops from communist ruled Korea invaded South Korea. This was the first war that involved the newly organized United Nations Group. The UN declared the invasion a violation of international peace, and demanded the withdrawl of the Communists. When the Communists did not comply, the UN enlisted its’ member nations to give military aid to South Korea. The United States provided approximately 90% of all aide supplied. China and the Soviet Union chose to aid the North Koreans. Finally, in July of 1953, the Korean War ended when the UN and North Korea signed a peace treaty. To this day, a permanent peace treaty has never been signed between North and South Korea. The United States still has a military presence in South Korea to discourage political hostilities between the two divisions of Korea. This was another incredibly bloody war, with huge losses on all sides. Many civilians were killed as well, and masses were made homeless.