The American Revolution 1775-1783

The Revolutionary War, also known as the American Revolution, was the birthing of our nation, the United States. This war began in 1775, when the 13 colonies in North America stood up to the British Empire. The colonists were outraged at the unfair taxation and rigid control the UK maintained over them. The battle began when British and American soldiers engaged in warfare at Lexington, Mass, and Concord. The battling lasted eight years, until the United Kingdom finally signed the Treaty of Paris, which gave the US its’ independence.

While the end result was the independence of the colonies, it was a very difficult battle. When the British government deployed troops to attack the colonies for their disobedience, the colonies were entirely unprepared. They had no central government in place, nor any groups of military service. Delegates from the colonies got together and formed a Continental Congress, which became their government. The Congress then organized an army and a navy. George Washington was appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted, and the colonies officially declared their freedom from British rule.

This war also provided the impetus to other constrained peoples from oppressed lands to fight for their freedom.